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Checked In Nov 18, 2015
Hi Everyone. I hope many find this and I get the opportunity to catch up with some of my old friends. I really did have a great time gaming with all of you. As mentioned previously, if enough of us find our way back Ill start up a forum so we can communicate easier, and perhaps arrange a round or two! Talk to you soon.
Checked In Nov 18, 2015
Hey all. Cant believe this site is back up and running. Its been many years since weve all played classic Halo together. In our prime we were one of the best Halo clans, always boasting a ridiculous win-loss ratio. FoV members were always topping the charts in individual matches, and come time for Clan Wars, I (and Im sure our opponents) saw us as a Halo powerhouse. Hope all you past members get a chance to see the domain name back in use and post a message to let us all know you are still around and doing well. Dan (Martyr/Legend)
Cam (Cammer)
Checked In Nov 18, 2015
Hey, So, heres a story - when I was fifteen, my brother built his second PC, handing his old one down to me. It could run Warcraft III, barely, and with all the settings turned down I could play Halo:CE, which I had bought but couldnt get running on my other machine. I had barely been playing a week when I jumped right into a clan server, and I was invited to join Fist of Valor. Things moved pretty fast from there, and up the ranks I went. I remember only focusing on having a good time and playing a game I really loved. Thats really all the clan aimed to be - a fun place to meet up. I mean, we still went undefeated when it came to clan-ranked games, but those moments punctuated the awesome ones I shared with people in the forums, or Teamspeak, or during failed 24-hour marathon events or Hogball tournaments. We somehow found a new way to have a good time in a game that was already way past its prime. Im 24 now, its been nearly a decade now, so I dont think people use xfire anymore. I also bought an iPhone. I owe a lot of thanks to the people in this clan who were friendly, who helped shape my opinion of meeting kind strangers on the internet. I did graphic design for a while, but Im pursuing a writing career now. Strangely enough, I dont think Id be nearly as good at either of those things if it werent for Fist of Valor. So thanks Tom, and hello Dudeman and Capin and Skillz and History and Eggman and Yoshi and Jacker and Snipa and Slayer. You are all part of something I still hold close to my heart. Also, if you want to get in contact with me, I still play games pretty often. League of Legends, Destiny, Rocket League (oh man you all should get that one), and Id love to reinstall Halo and play a few games with you all. Sincerely, Cam (Cammer, Camnesiac)
Checked In Nov 18, 2015
= )...How fricken cool is this...I missed you all... Looking forward to the rebirth of our clan....or at the very least being able to talk to my FAMILY again!!! Glad to hear everyones well.... :) :) :)
Checked In Nov 19, 2015
Hello everybody, this came as a big surprise to me. I remember having tons of fun playing halo and chatting on the forums. This was a great group of people, and I personally still think of you all as friends. I hope as many of us as possible get a chance to catch up and keep in touch.
Checked In Dec 16, 2015
Checked In Dec 25, 2015
Whats up dudes? My time in FoV was short lived compared to most, but many of the members I played with for years and years after it disbanded. Its my belief that FoV gave example to many clans on how one should properly be run. FoV was built on a solid foundation; a foundation that started to deteriorate at the end do to a difference of opinions by many. However, I will always remember the great times I had withing the clan, and the people who made it memorable. There were many great members here, but most notably I remember my times with Cam(Cammer), Emily(Morbus), Corey(Ninja), and Nick(Hitman). These days I spend my time working as a welder/fabricator, at night I work on and crew for a dirt Late Model race team, and whenever I can find the time, I do freelance graphic work. In ending, I hope to hear from more of you on here soon. -Jack
Checked In Dec 25, 2015
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This is amazing! I cant believe Im hearing from you all again. I pretty much lived to play Halo online with you guys when I was a teenager. Id love to get back together for some more games! Life has been wonderful the past few years that weve been apart. I hope the same goes for you all!
Checked In Dec 25, 2015
nickac10@gmail.com, or nick@clickstop.com
Hey man, this was the best clan ever, I always loved what we had going on
Checked In Jan 24, 2016
Wow, I am absolutely stunned to see this page is a thing that exists. Not sure if many will remember me since most of my time was spent with Yoshi, mcheif, and owner, but I would love to get back involved with you all again. Shoot me a request on steam, you can find me under Regular Ken. If it gives you issues, email me. SilverRequiem on Xbox One. Hope to see you all on the battlefield again, soldiers.
Checked In May 26, 2016
Hey everyone! I hope everyone remembers me! No way as if I actually stumbled on this! It stuns me to see all these names from such a long time ago ! I hope everyone has had a good couple last years and I hope to play again with any of you sometime! Please, someone shoot me a message or something! skype: curtiskellylol PS3: Swi-Ful
Checked In Jun 24, 2016
FoV Ranger
Checked In Oct 15, 2016
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A handful of years ago this was a fun think to be a part of. I still remember my "tryout" and how I got destroyed. I remember Yoshi and tons of cool dudes. Great times. Idk what made me stop by this. I played Halo in late Mid-High and now Ive graduated college. Crazy. Good on ya for putting this together.